The United Arab Emirates are known throughout the world as a state that takes essential challenges of the time

The United Arab Emirates are known throughout the world as a state that takes essential challenges of the time. These challenges are also relevant for us.

The main idea for me is not only to achieve sustainable development of a particular territory based on renewable energy technologies, but also to achieve a fusion of architecture with unique natural features of the territory - their ability to coexist.

The United Arab Emirates are actively and successfully moving towards the development of such technologies and are implementing a government program to support these technologies. Our team believes in the driving force and spirit of such development.

We suggest implementing a project in the emirate of Fujairah which has no analogues in the world and can be a big step forward on this path.

We realize that any living construction on our planet, and not just a person, has its own internal code, its genome. Such a lively and interconnected complex natural phenomenon as Alpinen Gletscher undoubtedly lives by its most complex internal laws, has its own genome, which we try to recreate. That’s the reason why we have named the project Gletscher City Resort. We really liked the place of project implementation. The boundless expanse of the Gulf of Oman, the unique, almost alien beauty of the Hajar mountains, as well as the sun, are united into one here. We really liked the changing beauty of the desert.

Seven sea shells rest on the sand near the ocean. They rest on the sand like on an ancient seabed, open to the sun and sky. Seven Emirates.

Inside these shells there are constructions with apartments, residences, shops, sports and medical centers. This is an entire city with streets and squares. Constructions will be connected with each other by a cover that collects the heat of sunlight and turns it into electricity and cold. There is an artificial glacier under the cover. There is always winter there and one can practice winter sports all year round. The unique technology allows us to condense water from a humid atmosphere and use it. Thanks to that there will be green parks and even aquapark.

This global complex does not change the natural characteristics of the place. It is fully integrated into the unique features of the environment. The beach, the ocean, the mountains will still remain a beach, ocean, mountains. The natural balance will be preserved. We will add just a little greens.

This complex should become almost a living organism like you and me. It is unique in that it can become a prototype of the city of the future with zero energy balance. It will consume as many resources as it can produce itself. This is its global nature.

Architect Dmitry Razmakhnin